检索结果 50
原始关键字 (杜仲 or 钩藤) 高血压 
转化关键字 ("Eucommia ulmoides" or Rhynchophylla) hypertension 
("Eucommia ulmoides"[All Fields] OR Rhynchophylla[All Fields]) AND ("hypertension"[MeSH Terms] OR "hypertension"[All Fields])


PubMed ID 28771084
发表日期 2017 Sep
原始出处 J Med Food
作者 Loh YC  Ch'ng YS  Tan CS  Ahmad M  Asmawi MZ  Yam MF 
文献标题 Mechanisms of Action of Uncaria rhynchophylla Ethanolic Extract for Its Vasodilatory Effects.
影响因子 1.981   特征因子 0.00391

PubMed ID 31272356
发表日期 2020
原始出处 Curr Vasc Pharmacol
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文献标题 Uncaria rhynchophylla and its Major Constituents on Central Nervous System: A Review on Their Pharmacological Actions.
影响因子 2.672   特征因子 0.0022

PubMed ID 26355225
发表日期 2015 Aug
原始出处 Biosci Trends
作者 Li Y  Yang W  Zhu Q  Yang J  Wang Z 
文献标题 Protective effects on vascular endothelial cell in N'-nitro-L-arginine (L-NNA)-induced hypertensive rats from the combination of effective components of Uncaria rhynchophylla and Semen Raphani.
影响因子 1.553   特征因子 0.00193

PubMed ID 30466609
发表日期 2018 Dec 1
原始出处 Phytomedicine
作者 Wang YL  Dong PP  Liang JH  Li N  Sun CP  Tian XG  Huo XK  Zhang BJ  Ma XC  Lv CZ 
文献标题 Phytochemical constituents from Uncaria rhynchophylla in human carboxylesterase 2 inhibition: Kinetics and interaction mechanism merged with docking simulations.
影响因子 4.268   特征因子 0.00846

PubMed ID 25435636
发表日期 2014
原始出处 Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med
作者 Yongsheng L  Shumei L  Guodong W 
文献标题 Studies on resin purification process optimization of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver and its antihypertensive effect mechanism.

PubMed ID 24296089
发表日期 2014
原始出处 J Ethnopharmacol
作者 He X  Wang J  Li M  Hao D  Yang Y  Zhang C  He R  Tao R 
文献标题 Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.: ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry and pharmacology of an important traditional Chinese medicine.
影响因子 3.69   特征因子 0.02342

PubMed ID 24239601
发表日期 2014
原始出处 J Ethnopharmacol
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文献标题 Investigation into the mechanism of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. based on a systems pharmacology approach.
影响因子 3.69   特征因子 0.02342

PubMed ID 31633806
发表日期 2020 Jan
原始出处 Biomed Chromatogr
作者 Hu H  Wu L  Li M  Xue C  Wang G  Chen S  Huang Y  Zheng L  Wang A  Li Y  Gong Z 
文献标题 Comparative absorption kinetics of seven active ingredients of Eucommia ulmoides extracts by intestinal in situ circulatory perfusion in normal and spontaneous hypertensive rats.
影响因子 1.728   特征因子 0.00489

PubMed ID 22214253
发表日期 2011 Dec
原始出处 Altern Med Rev
作者 Greenway F  Liu Z  Yu Y  Gupta A 
文献标题 A clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of a standardized Eucommia ulmoides Oliver bark extract to treat hypertension.

PubMed ID 26690110
发表日期 2015 Dec 9
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PubMed ID 33204695
发表日期 2020
原始出处 Biomed Res Int
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文献标题 Study of the Mechanism Underlying the Antihypertensive Effects of Eucommia ulmoides and Tribulus terrestris Based on an Analysis of the Intestinal Microbiota and Metabonomics.
影响因子 2.276   特征因子 0.09837

PubMed ID 31116257
发表日期 2019
原始出处 Braz J Med Biol Res
作者 Wu LZ  Xiao XM 
文献标题 Evaluation of the effects of Uncaria rhynchophylla alkaloid extract on LPS-induced preeclampsia symptoms and inflammation in a pregnant rat model.
影响因子 2.023   特征因子 0.00417

PubMed ID 30072894
发表日期 2018
原始出处 Front Pharmacol
作者 Hu S  Mak S  Zuo X  Li H  Wang Y  Han Y 
文献标题 Neuroprotection Against MPP+-Induced Cytotoxicity Through the Activation of PI3-K/Akt/GSK3β/MEF2D Signaling Pathway by Rhynchophylline, the Major Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloid Isolated From Uncaria rhynchophylla.
影响因子 4.225   特征因子 0.04233

PubMed ID 29495397
发表日期 2018 Feb 26
原始出处 Nutrients
作者 Do MH  Hur J  Choi J  Kim M  Kim MJ  Kim Y  Ha SK 
文献标题 Eucommia ulmoides Ameliorates Glucotoxicity by Suppressing Advanced Glycation End-Products in Diabetic Mice Kidney.
影响因子 4.546   特征因子 0.06394

PubMed ID 27825165
发表日期 2016
原始出处 Cell Physiol Biochem
作者 Liu B  Li CP  Wang WQ  Song SG  Liu XM 
文献标题 Lignans Extracted from Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv. Protects Against AGEs-Induced Retinal Endothelial Cell Injury.

PubMed ID 20347950
发表日期 2010 May 27
原始出处 J Ethnopharmacol
作者 Luo LF  Wu WH  Zhou YJ  Yan J  Yang GP  Ouyang DS 
文献标题 Antihypertensive effect of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. extracts in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
影响因子 3.69   特征因子 0.02342

PubMed ID 26170892
发表日期 2015
原始出处 Evid Based Complement Alternat Med
作者 Jing X  Huang WH  Tang YJ  Wang YQ  Li H  Tian YY  Chen Y  Zhou HH  Ouyang DS 
文献标题 Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. (Du-Zhong) Lignans Inhibit Angiotensin II-Stimulated Proliferation by Affecting P21, P27, and Bax Expression in Rat Mesangial Cells.
影响因子 1.813   特征因子 0.01646

PubMed ID 23192737
发表日期 2013 Nov-Dec
原始出处 J Chromatogr Sci
作者 He J  Han S  Yang F  Zhou N  Wang S 
文献标题 Prostate cell membrane chromatography-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for screening of active constituents from Uncaria rhynchophylla.
影响因子 1.28   特征因子 0.00273

PubMed ID 24404337
发表日期 2013 Nov
原始出处 Biomol Ther (Seoul)
作者 Kwon SH  Ma SX  Joo HJ  Lee SY  Jang CG 
文献标题 Inhibitory Effects of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. Bark on Scopolamine-Induced Learning and Memory Deficits in Mice.
影响因子 3.47   特征因子 0.00296

PubMed ID 23847077
发表日期 2013 Jul
原始出处 Chem Biodivers
作者 Nam JW  Kim SY  Yoon T  Lee YJ  Kil YS  Lee YS  Seo EK 
文献标题 Heat shock factor 1 inducers from the bark of Eucommia ulmoides as cytoprotective agents.
影响因子 2.039   特征因子 0.00391